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Chrome Oxide Music Collectors Pages are too popular for Tripod!

May 24, 2002 I tried to access my web site at Tripod yesterday, and my web site wasn't there. Instead, there was a notice that my web site is generating too much traffic for a free web site. Tripod has been disabling my web site every few days, for two hours at a time.

Since I am already paying for ChromeOxide.com I would appreciate it if you would visit the ChromeOxide.com site instead of the Tripod site.

Also, if you are linking to the Tripod site, could you please link to ChromeOxide.com instead? Because this is a mirror site, there is no change of the HTML names, and it is only the base URL that needs to be changed.

for example:
changes to

Once traffic to the Tripod site drops to a level that is acceptable for Tripod, I will again post the full mirror content here.

If your browser doesn't automatically redirect you to the ChromeOxide.com web site in 30 seconds, then please click on this link to take you to the appropriate page on http://www.chromeoxide.com/yardbird.htm.