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THE WE HOURS - radio show

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THE WE HOURS - radio show
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What's new on this web site/the radio show?

June 6, 1998 Computers By Candlelight has been cancelled.

June 4, 1998. Moved the page counter to the bottom of the page.

April 2, 1998. Do you want to be notified by e-mail the next time Computers By Candle Light is on the air? We now have a Listserv that you can subscribe to by sending a message to:
TO: listserv@eqcity.ktb.net
SUBJECT: subscribe We.Hours-L (radio show)
MESSAGE: (none needed-put whatever you want)

March 28, 1998. Started using [ ] to help make links more identifiable when multiple links are on the same line.

March 22, 1998. Guest Book Tripod is offering (and I am finally putting them on this site) a Guest Book for visitors to this site.

January 31, 1998. Computers By Candle Light, normally the first Saturday of every month, will have an extra show this month on January 31, 1998 with your host Steven Libis, and guest Mike Bruzzone from Camp Marketing, consulting to IDT / Centaur Technology makers of the WinChip. Talking about the WinChip, and alternate x86 happenings.
Mike Bruzzone has donated a motherboard with WinChip CPU to Earthquake City BBS and I am putting together a new file server for the BBS based on this donation. Mike also brought along 2 motherboards with CPUs as premiums for the fund drive. Click here to see my review of the WinChip. Thank you.

January 15, 1998. Madeleine Schwab's planned guests (subject to confirmation) through May 1998 have been listed on this site.

January 2, 1998. 1998 Scheduled Shows have been listed on this site, and the 1997 Show information has moved to a seperate page.

THE WE HOURS - radio show
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Guest Book read and leave messages.

Tripod is now offering a Guest Book to visitors to this site. This is a way that you can leave a public message for me or anyone else to read that visits this site.

Please be aware that this entire site only gets one guest book. And that this site is composed of Earthquake City BBS, The We Hours - Radio Show (cancelled), and the Chrome Oxide Music Collectors page.

THE WE HOURS - radio show
This Site
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As of June 1998 this show has been cancelled.

The We Hours radio show on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, CA is on every Saturday morning from 12:01am to 3:00am. It is produced/hosted by Sue Cohen and Madeleine Schwab, and Jolie Mason (computer show) and Steven Libis (computer show) (and webmaster).

The 12:01am to 1:00am slot is a reading of a short story or novel. The 1:01am to 3:00am is an open phones show, with or without in studio guests who are sometimes prerecorded to more easily arrive on time for the show.

This web site is a resource for The We Hours radio show. It contains a basic statement of purpose for The We Hours radio show (which includes scheduled themes). It also contains a basic statement of purpose for Computers By Candlelight which is the first Saturday of the month computer show. Scheduled Shows (past & future) is a listing of all the future shows for the current year, as well as additional information mentioned on the air during prior shows of the current year.

THE WE HOURS - radio show
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As of June 1998 this show has been cancelled.

The We Hours radio show on community radio KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles is on every Saturday morning from 12:01am to 3:00am. It is produced by Sue Cohen and Madeleine Schwab, and Jolie Mason and Steven Libis.

For the first hour (12-1) we hear readings from entire novels or other non-fiction. For every first Saturday of the month beginning August 2, 1997 from 1-3am we hear our computer show Computers By Candlelight with Steven Libis and Jolie Mason.

We have "themes-of-the month" which for 1998 are:
January 1998 - economic and governmental systems
February 1998 - rebellion and revolution
March 1998 - health
April 1998 - ecology
May 1998 - jobs
June 1998 - philosophy, consciousness and the spiritual
July 1998 - communications
August 1998 - health
September 1998 - education
October 1998 - economic and governmental systems
November 1998 - health
December 1998 - technology and technique

In case you are unfamiliar with KPFK public radio here are a few notes about where "we are coming from". KPFK was founded with the mission to be altruistic, leading edge and populist. The idea is to address all the important topics, and address the political slant too.

I don't just look at the interesting side of things but feel responsible to look at the hard issues too. That's what's special about being on KPFK, it's not just another computer show. Being aware of restrictions on the internet and other such issues that relate to computers is of vital importance to our communications capabilities, we should fight to protect our rights.

As one of you said, we don't like the "self-promoting and commercialization of the daytime AM talk show computer shows", so we want a different kind of show.

If The We Hours is attractive to you, you must be or become, aware of the special mission and operating principles that make it possible. That's why it's free of commercials, among other things. That KPFK is Listener-sponsored is why it is beholden only to its listeners.

This is an information show. In works of art we want form and flow and homogeneity, but on this show we want to reach out to all sorts of needs for information. Therefore we don't restrict topics from callers, nor screen calls. The phone ringing doesn't cost the caller anything, but if they are on hold, they are being charged by the phone company.

We have to try to judge on a case-by-case basis which answers or discussions have wide or narrow interest. That's part of the challenge of doing the show.


Sue Cohen
coproducer of The We Hours
KPFK 90.7 FM

THE WE HOURS - radio show
Computers By Candlelight
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I (Steven Libis) (e-mail) am a computer consultant with experience in PCs (DOS/Win 3.1) and Novell NetWare (v3.12) networks. I also do programming (QBasic, HTML, Builder), training (various platforms), and computer support.

Jolie Mason and I will be hosting the Computers By Candlelight (computer segment) of "The We Hours" on the first Saturday of the month from 1am to 3am. Listener participation is encouraged, and we will be taking questions and comments via e-mail and telephone (818) 985-5735.

I am interested in being responsive to the curiousity of the listeners. While I understand that the press spends a lot of time talking about Windows, there are other operating systems still in use, and even some new ones in development.

I have a seperate page (Computer Links) listing URLs of possible interest to wide variety of computer users.

Are you interested in donating some of your product, for use as station premiums during fund drives? For review, and posting on this web site? As a future guest? Let me know, and maybe something can be worked out.

Watch this space for future developments.

Steven Libis, webmaster
coproducer of The We Hours - Computers By Candlelight
KPFK 90.7 FM
P.O.Box 8106
Mission Hills, CA 91346-8106

THE WE HOURS - radio show
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This is an automated mailing list software. The only mailing list I have set up so far is to keep people informed about changes to the BBS, future radio appearances, whatever else I am doing that I think is noteworthy.

To get onto the only mailing list, send mail to:

THE WE HOURS - radio show
Scheduled Shows (past & future)
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1997 Shows
1998 Shows

THE WE HOURS - radio show
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THE WE HOURS - radio show

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